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Tiger: Shaolin Darkness (Book 1)

TIGER: Shaolin Darkness Thriller  tigersholin_cover
Author: Wesley Robert Lowe
Kindle edition; 354 pages
Publication Date: April 30, 2014



TheBlurb When Triad leader Chin, a psychopathic Shaolin kung fu master, discovers that his right hand man, lawyer Garret Southam, has ripped him off for billions, Chin has to restrain himself from yanking Garret’s heart out.

That’s because Garret is the only one with info Chin needs. Chin throws his entire arsenal at Garret, who won’t buckle – he was taught by Master Wu, the same grandmaster who trained Chin.

But when Chin abducts Garret’s daughter, Brenda, hell is unleashed.

Enter Micah Keating. Age twenty-eight. Born to missionaries in Asia. Mentored by a Shaolin Grandmaster. A young, untested lawyer… but another Master Wu protégé.

Can Micah transform himself? Can he battle Chin head to head? And can he save Brenda, whom he’s loved since the moment they met?

Buckle up; Tiger’s gonna be one helluva ride.


I really enjoyed reading Tiger Shaolin Darkness, it’s a rich story with a superb plot and really interesting subjects. The main characters are well-developed from Micah, the hero, to Chin, the Triad leader. While both are Shaolin kungfu masters, Micah is lovable and clumsy – especially in his relationship with Brenda, the girl he falls in love with. Chin, on the other hand, is the ultimate villain – cruel beyond belief, exceptionally athletic for a man who has to be close to sixty.
But these are not just comic book characters. With use of flashbacks, the memories being replayed help us fully understand how the current situation came to be and why the people are the way they are.
What is so surprising and exciting is the heart-pounding action combined with Micah’s story of romance with Brenda, the talented daughter of his boss. I can’t wait to read what’s next in store for this two!




Robert LoweWith a Master’s of Music from the University of Toronto, Wesley Robert Lowe has composed music for over thirty award-winning and internationally recognized projects. Highlights include four seasons on Sesame St. as well as music for film festivals at Sundance, Toronto and Los Angeles.

He began writing both fiction and non-fiction in the early 1990’s. In addition to his self-published novels, Lowe has written for Canada’s major networks and cultural organizations. Much of his work included elements of his Chinese heritage. Contemporary worlds infused with mysticism. Breathless, brain-twisting plots. High stakes suspense that churns the psyche. Relentless, warp speed action. Intertwining cultures, colliding and colluding worlds.

When not writing, Wes is privileged to serve as a military Chaplain with a focus on Chinese Canadian WWII veterans. Comparable to the situation of America’s Tuskegee Airmen, Lowe has made several award-winning films on their contribution.

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