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Title: Imprisonedimprisoned-0.5
Series: Tortured Soul 0.5 Short Story
Author: Kate Givans

Death doesn’t give second chances.

Josh Pennington has discovered that there are some mistakes that you can’t make up for. He was the one driving. He is the reason that his best friend died the night of the party. The guilt and the grief lead him into a downward spiral, one that threatens his own life a second time. Will he find his way out of the pit of despair? Or will he forever remained Tortured?

***Imprisoned is a very short prequel to Tortured, book one of the Tortured Soul Series.***

Waking up to the news that your bestfriend is dead because of you is definitely painful and guilt-eating. Josh is having a hard time dealing with it and could never move on. This short novella details the heartbreaking pain & suffering Josh had to endure while imprisoned by guilt, memories & death.

This is such an emotional read. Kate Givans effectively described the feeling of having survivor’s guilt. Can’t wait to read more!!

Check out my review of the first book in the series: TORTURED by Kate Givans

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