The Incredible Bucky Berrot

incrediblebuckyTitle: The Incredible Bucky Berrot
Author: E.G. Lander with Connor Shelander,
Kindle Edition, 189 pages

Deep in the dark, tangled jungle of Western Australia, the Berrots have lived for hundreds of full moons, always making sure they bother no one and obey their often outdated, even harmful laws. They’re always in a fearful state, afraid of their natural enemies, the eebees and the giant neon flies. Into this world is born Bucky Berrot.

Bucky wonders why his town is like it is. Why does Bayberry Hills have so many dumb laws and why can’t the flock make peace with everyone? His story is about how one bird changes everything, learning from all his wonderful adventures. He even learned about his God. After all, why can’t a bird believe in God?

This is not just a children’s fantasy story. Bucky teaches us all about doing things right and always “flying in everyone else’s wings”.



I read this book to my kids this Christmas and they were in awe of the community of birds wherein expectant fathers had to go on a journey before their babies get hatched. At first, my kids thought this was somehow similar to the penguin’s story in Happy Feet, but as the story unfolded, we realized The Incredible Bucky Berrot is a whole new different story. Even better than Happy Feet, that’s what my eldest commented.

The whole Berrot community were thrilled and relieved to see Buddy from his quest for a special fruit berry for newborns. Apparently he was delayed from his flight because another big bird was eyeing the fruit he was carrying. It took him time to get away and escape from the bird in order to bring the special fruit to his wife. Afterwards, the egg hatched and Bobbie gave her child the berry (green side first for smarts & yellow end for fast talking) and soon, baby bird Bucky was born. Born to a world full of old beliefs, outdated laws and unfounded rules that must be strictly implemented at all times. But as the inquisitive Bucky grew up, he learned how things are and he had somewhat changed what the Berrots had always believed in.

He became friends with one of their species’ enemies, Whitmore a Neon Fly after saving him. The evil birds, aka Eebies, had found their match when Bucky planned to rescue the multitude of Berrots that were captured. Bucky taught us a lot of lessons about family, love, and God. Think Aesop’s Fables while reading this incredible story. My two boys were also delighted with the colorful illustrations in the book and all are appreciative after reading E.G. Lander’s wonderful story about Berrots. We sure had a lot to be thankful about after reading.


E.G. Lander was born in the tiny village of Deer River in northern Minnesota. His parents owned a fishing resort where his entire family entertained the guests. It was there that E.G. first found the joy of telling stories, watching his father narrate tales about the lake, the animals, the weather, the local Native Americans and much more. E.G. decided that one day he, too, would be a storyteller.

His first work was a recounting of what God did for him after his wife died, entitled An Email From God. A year later, he finished What’s in the Rear View Mirror, a family saga (that made it to #1 in its genre on Kindle). That was followed by Damn It, Wake Me Up, an unbelievable story of revenge.

Then his grandson (Connor Shelander) had some ideas and a request. “Papa, I’ve got a story in my head, will you write a book with me?” That is how Bucky Berrot was born, by the two of them, with its foundation being the magical imagination of a nine-year-old. E.G. and Connor co-authored this colorful and heart-touching story of how one small bird can teach us all how to care for each other.

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