The Third Twin

Title: The Third Twin
Author: Ken Follett
Synopsis (from Barnes & Noble)

Through her research on twins and the genetic components of aggression, scientist Jeannie Ferrami makes a startling discovery. Using a restricted FBI database, she finds two young men who appear to be identical twins: Steve, a law student, and Dennis: a convicted murderer.

Yet they were born on different days, to different mothers, in hospitals hundreds of miles apart.

As Ferrami delves into their backgrounds, she unwittingly locks horns with some of the most powerful forces in America, including the university where she works, The New York Times, even the Pentagon.

What secret has Ferrami uncovered? Can she trust her boss and mentor, or must she put her life in the hands of Steve Logan, the twin she finds herself falling in love with—even though he’s surrounded by intrigue and suspicion?

But one thing is certain: There are those who will stop at nothing to keep their chilling conspiracy in the shadows. . . .

– – – –

This is the third Ken Follett book I’ve read and it had me hooked from Chapter 1 until I had to guess who the real antagonist was! perfect mystery-medical drama! i like the way Ken maneuvered the story from a gruesome work of a fear-loving guy, then segueing it to another person of the same taste & appearance but totally different upbringing.

The Third Twin is something that would keep you awake way past midnight.. and it made me shudder & think, could this really happen? Could there really be an experiment that could create 8 identical twins born from 8 different moms? of course not! But once you read this book, you might think twice… er… thrice… or 8 times!! After all, everything is possible in Fiction, right?

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