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Review: Tormented by Ghosts by Wesley Robert Lowe

Vengeance Knows no Boundaries (Shadows of Chinatown Paranormal Thriller Book 1)
Author: Wesley Robert Lowe
Kindle edition; 108 pages

Death is a New Beginning A Romance Gone so Terribly Wrong
When Chinese actress Jasmine Huang is found brutally murdered onstage, her boyfriend, Chris Mathers, is the prime suspect. Appearance of guilt escalates when Chris disappears from Beijing.

After years of running, Chris lands in Vancouver’s Chinatown. This begins Chris’s journey into hell ”” his landlord is Jasmine’s father, Liang, a ghost whose sole motivation to stay in the world of the living is to avenge her death.

Sex, love, and violence is tightly woven into this dark supernatural thriller full of unexpected turns.

TheReviewChris Mathers was a talented pianist but his life was endangered after being suspected for the murder of his girlfriend, Chinese actress Jasmine Huang. He thought he could escape the torments chasing him from one place to another. Until he came to Chinatown in Vancouver. Then he found himself renting a room that was owned by no less than Jasmine’s father, Liang. Mathers soon was embroiled in a chaotic and revengeful environment that was doing things in his head and harming his body. What happened within the confines of his room were sick, haunting and chilling. If I were in his place, I might have suffered a heart attack and died.

Tormented By Ghosts is a brilliantly written paranormal/supernatural thriller that is sure to set readers wide-eyed in the middle of the night. The history of Chinatown is well depicted in this thriller and the characters grow on the reader. A two thumbs up for Mr. Wesley Robert Lowe!


Questions for the AuthorRobert Lowe
Q. What is unique about the Shadows Over Chinatown books?

A. I write stories that are rich in character and plot ”” be they urban fantasy, dark romance, science fiction, dramatic literature or action thriller. For these novellas, Chinatown itself is also a character and the ancient pain of the area finds its way into the stories.

Q. You’re a pretty new writer. Why should I try your books out?

A. People relate to my work as a storyteller across different media. My films have been accepted into film festivals and received broadcasts across the United States and Canada. I was also a composer on Sesame Street for four years. During 2014, three of my books have hit #1 in their categories at Amazon.

Q. What order should the books be read?

A. Each book is self-contained without any real cliff-hangers. However, I suggest the following sequence:

– Tormented By Ghosts

– Seduced By Demons

– Betrayed By Spirits

Shadow over Chinatown is the new version of the Spirits of Chinatown Series

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