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Careful What You Wish For

Title: Careful What You Wish For
Author: Lucy Finn
Paperback; 304 pages
Published June 2007

A sexy, whimsical debut featuring the hunky genie of one single mom’s dreams…Back in her tiny hometown with a new baby to care for, successful attorney Ravine Patton thought her life had gone up in smoke.
Then her Diaper Genie went haywire, and out popped a handsome pilot who’d been trapped inside. Gene-who, it turns out, is her genie-has granted her three wishes.
Lucky Ravine now has the gorgeous hunk scrubbing her entire house. But it isn’t long before she starts falling for Gene, which means big trouble.
Because once her third wish is fulfilled, he’ll vanish from her life forever. And Ravine realizes she’s going to have to be very careful about what she wishes for next.

colorfulborderI’d really wanna have my own Genie in a Bottle after reading this.

This is a story about a lawyer-mother with a baby; the father was missing in action or should I say, he preferred to be in the shadows. In her struggle with being a single mom, she’s having a hard time finding a  husband.  One day, she ends up with a genie and he grants her 3 wishes.

On her last wish, she has to chose between her mother’s life, or her love for the genie. She chooses her mother’s life,and loses the genie.

It would take her years before she could wish again. What’s wonderful with the story is, she would be able to settle to a happy marriage soon. But with whom?

This is a fun, light read and although the characters are kinda whimsical, you get a good feeling after realizing what you really wanted and wished for has been granted. I think Ravine really ought to have a chance to find true love, but from a genie in a bottle? Well, love does make the world go crazy and magical, doesn’t it? So why not… Just like what Genie said, wish for whatever your heart desires..

Definitely a feel-good story. Perfect for a cold winter night.

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