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A New Baby In the Forest

ANewBabyForestTitle: A New Baby in the Forest

Book 1 of the Growing Up with Pansy Series

Author: C M Buckles

A book for toddlers to laugh and learn. Parents will enjoy the bright colors and the lessons on colors and numbers. This interactive book is about a baby fairy. Look for Book 2 coming soon.


I’ve read the book with my 3-year old. He loved it, he always points to Pansy, the new born baby fairy and the little bugs. My boy already knows how to count and identify colors, so when I read this book to him, he was pleased to see the colorful pictures and he also counted 1,2,3… Overall, it was entertaining and perfect for little tots.


GREAT NEWS: This book can be read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Check out C.M Buckles the author, on her Amazon page

Her other books include:

The Two Hundred Year Secret – also free on Kindle Unlimited

Hay Un Nuevo Bebe En El Bosque 

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