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Book Review: Table for Two by Nora Roberts

table42Title: Table for Two
SubPlots: Summer Desserts and Lessons Learned
Author: Nora Roberts

The way to a man’s heart—

Take two world-class chefs.
Add two distractingly attractive people to their lives. Stir in some soul-searing kisses and tender nights. Simmer at high heat. What you’ll get is an irresistible recipe for romance!

Summer Desserts

When love-resistant dessert chef Summer Lyndon develops a taste for her delectable boss, Blake Cocharan, her legendary willpower is put to the ultimate test.

Lessons Learned

Publicist Juliet Trent never mixes business with pleasure, but her newest client, charming ladies-man and chef Carlo Franconi, is determined to whet her appetite for love.

My Thoughts:

Table For Two proves a delectable and heartwarming experience with two light-hearted romances from Nora Roberts topped with her vast knowledge of Italian and French haute cuisine as a garnish. As always, Roberts delightfully manages to entertain with style and refinement, guaranteed to make you crave for a second helping.

This book makes you dream and taste of soul food while the characters fill the palate with exciting flavors. There are two protagonists’ interlinked stories. I love how the book not only revolved around the characters, but also involved fragrant and fluffy cupcakes, and complete menu delicacies.

Each story is like a main course, served to satisfy every palate or any need of the heart. These two romantic stories, a trademark of Nora Roberts, takes you to the right ingredient of “forever” which is true love. I may have always been reading mysteries and suspense thrillers from Roberts for the past couple of years, but nevertheless, her writing prowess never fails to impress.

My Rating:

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