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Book Review: LOVES CHOICES by Penny Jordan

Loves Choices
by Penny Jordan


Synopsis via Goodreads


He had seduced her from the shelter of the convent, then made her his pawn as he quested hungrily after revenge. She had been only an innocent girl, but at his hands she became a woman — and now the world was hers.

In California, Hope Stanford found success and adulation and an inner strength that gave her freedom. Once a man had told her that for everything there was a price to be paid. Now he was back, but if Alexei Serivace wanted her again, he would find that the price was very high indeed.


My Thoughts:

Alexei Serivace is a total jerk (excuse my french). He seduced the daughter of the man who have wronged him and his sister. To take revenge, he raped Miss Stanford when she was at the convent, and suddenly, the innocent girl changed into a woman.

But what irked me most is when Hope Stanford was raped her at least twice and that’s already an insurmountable amount of pain, compared to what his father had done to Alexei’s sister. I am not taking sides between the two men, but Hope clearly was the victim here. When she finally came of age and had learned to stand on her own, the man who broke her and came back and things had gotten more complicated.

A classic by Penny Jordan, a story about revenge with an age-gap love story. Most reviewers have categorized the scenes as kidnap for rape kind of trope, and considering the age and unwillingness of the female lead character, I have to agree with them. It’s not the finest book by Penny Jordan, but I still have her other books in my shelf, so let’s see if my thoughts would be proven otherwise.

My Rating:


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