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This is for the writers out there who want to make 2015 their best writing year EVER…

You want powerful? This is it. This course is for the frustrated. The fed-up. The “I can’t possibly write another book because I’m too busy marketing” folks. Authors S. M. Boyce + Heather Hildenbrand hear you. Those two full time authors designed this course to help YOU find time to write in your everyday life.… Continue reading This is for the writers out there who want to make 2015 their best writing year EVER…


Michael Palmer: The Last Surgeon

No, I am not going to do a book review of Palmer's The Last Surgeon. I just want to express my grief over the news about Michael Palmer's death. Yes, I am actually one of the millions who have favored Michael Palmer as an author and surgeon. He had written some of the best medical… Continue reading Michael Palmer: The Last Surgeon

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an author to watch out for..

I usually spend my weekends reading pocketbooks, both paperbacks and hard-bounds. Sometimes, when I have extra time, I try surfing the internet with interesting sites and author pages. (My Kindle takes a rest every Saturday and Sunday.) During the recent holidays, I did a little reflecting and read the Scriptures. Afterwards, I accessed various websites. I was pleased to inform… Continue reading an author to watch out for..

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here's something new about one of my fave authors..showing soon in theaters is another heart-wrenching movie from the master tear-jerker himself, Nicholas Sparks... i've watched most of his works, or what moviefone refers to "books-turned-to movies", like Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, and The Notebook which really had me crying buckets of… Continue reading Sparks!