Scornful Sadie

Title: Scornful SadieScornful Sadie
Series: Dark Sorceress Trilogy Book 1
Author: Felicia Tatum

Published June 19, 2015
Kindle ebook


A war is brewing…

Heartbroken and lost, Sadie left her family when she was only sixteen to fight evil. Years of searching out and destroying the vermin of the supernatural world have left her ruthless and jaded, and powerful.

Sadie’s success has made her a target, and a series of cryptic warnings leaves her questioning what is being asked of her. But nothing in her past has prepared her for the obstacles she now faces in trying to rid the world of a resurrected evil that no one saw coming.

She finally comes home for the chance to re-discover her first love, Aiden. Does she have the power to restore Aiden’s memories and hold on to her love for him, while battling for humanity—and her life?

BookwormReviewI first met Sadie Tabors in White Aura series and she’d been quite a character already at that time but in this book, she’s feisty, fierce femme fatale! A force to reckon with, if I must say so.

Sadie’s a powerful sorceress and she’s brilliant at what she does. The things that happened in her past definitely made her strong. Now it’s up to her to make sure the love of her life regains his memories and she has to get rid of the evil that plagues her family.

Sadie is one ferocious heroine, she’s even more bad@ss than Katniss Everdeen. Ha! Felicia Tatum wowed me again with this new electrifying story!! This trilogy will definitely be one of my favorites.


Kiss the Bride

Title: Kiss The Bride KissTheBride
Series: Montana Born Brides #5
Author: Rachael Johns

ARC provided by netgalley

It seems that wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta…

And that suits single mom, Magdalena Davis, just fine. It means the local gossips will stop hounding her about returning to town and the secret she’s kept for fifteen years. Home to make peace with her sick mother, the last thing Mags wants is to get involved in Marietta’s big celebrity wedding. But when her teenage daughter cajoles her into auditioning to sing with a local heartthrob, all her plans for flying under the radar zoom out of the window.

Country music singer, Jake Kohl, has lost his muse. He’s jaded from years of life in the fast lane and wants to settle in Marietta and lead a normal life. He reluctantly agrees to sing at the celebrity wedding, but what he doesn’t expect is his co-singer to reignite his passion. But it’s not just the music she awakes in him. Magdalena makes Jake feel and want things he hasn’t for far too long, but there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Can Jake solve the mystery that is Magdalena and win her heart?


Her mom’s health condition was what prompted Magdalena Davis to return to Marietta, with her daughter Bella. For fifteen years, she kept the truth about her daughter’s dad, and now that she’s back in her hometown, the people of Marietta started talking about her again.

Good thing there’s a new celebrity wedding in the horizon. The rumors had somehow turned to Nancylyn Pruitt’s upcoming star-studded nuptials. And singer & Marietta’s adopted son Jake Kohl was one of those famous people. When he was asked to sing with a partner on the said wedding of the year, he held an audition for the town’s amazing singer. Just when Mags thought she could stay invisible for good, suddenly the limelight turned on her. She and Jake made great music together.

Until her daughter Bella got into an accident.

KISS THE BRIDE by Racheal Johns was a touching romantic story. I loved the scenes between Jake & Mags, they seemed fir for each other. The relationship may seem a little bit fast, but when you are in-love. it’s either time stood still or time flies so fast. Either way, this romantic novel got me grinning from ear to ear, until the big wedding. Wedding of who? I won’t tell. But this is what I do know. I’m suddenly intrigued by the last book in the series and I can’t wait to read Nancy’s wedding jitters!

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Finally His Bride by Maisey Yates

Finally His Bride

Title: Finally His BrideFinallyHisBride
Series: Montana Born Brides #4
Author: Maisey Yates

ebook provided by Netgalley
Published by Tule Publishing

Wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta…

As the whole town goes crazy over the celebrity wedding event of the century, Melanie Richards decides she’s tired of blending in. It’s time go after what she wants. Her to do list:
Get a sexy dress
A little liquid courage
Lose that pesky virginity

Luke Shuller can’t believe his eyes when he walks into Grey’s and sees his best friend trying to pick up some drunk cowboy. Melanie wants to start hooking up? She can practice on him. At least he’ll keep her safe. And as a bonus, their pretend relationship will help him deal with a family crisis.

But when pretend gets real, Melanie can’t tell where the charade ends and reality begins. When the dust settles, will she get thrown back into the friend zone, or will she finally get the man of her dreams?

BookwormReviewMelanie is tired of waiting for the right man who’ll sweep her off her feet. So she sets her groove on & makes her move. And to Grey’s she goes. But her best friend Luke calls on her and tells her that her plan isn’t really something he wants her to do. Soon Luke decides to present himself instead. Sounds like a fair bargain.

What started as innocent plan turned into an exciting tryst in between sheets. Luke and Melanie sure fired up their lives in more ways than one. Who knew pretending to be in a relationship could be so much fun, hot and awesome?!

I enjoyed reading this fun romantic read. This is my first book from Maisey Yates and the fourth in the Montana Born Brides series. The stories just keeps getting better and better. I think I won’t get tired of love stories esp from Montana’s finest!


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Bride By Mistake (Montana Born Bride Book 3)

Title: Bride By Mistake 
Series: Montana Born Bride (Book 3)
Author: Nicole Helm

ebook provided by Netgalley
Published by Tule Publishing

Wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta…

And Kaitlin Shuller’s groom of her dreams is marrying someone else… her sister.

Worst day ever. Her heart is broken, and all her carefully laid plans destroyed. Enter Beckett Larson, her older brother’s best friend and a very good bad decision.

Beckett has spent his life trying to outrun his bad reputation, but everyone already thinks the worst of him, so when Kaitlin offers herself to him — virginity and all— he just can’t say no.

But one night together has permanent consequences, and this time Beckett knows he can’t outrun his bad boy reputation. He’s determined to make Kaitlin his bride…even if he has to seduce her down the aisle.


Kaitlin’s dream of becoming a McArthur bride was crushed when the man he longed to love, Carter, married her younger sister instead. Then she ran off with Beckett, the man she openly loathed. Their one night tryst turned to a night worth 9 months in the making.

I liked this latest book in the Montana Bride series. Nicole Helm literally helmed a bestseller with Kaitlin and Beckett in tow. I liked the idea that Kaitlin wasn’t really in good terms with Beckett, then eventually realized her feelings and acted upon it. That was quite romantic, in my opinion. And the resident bad boy reputation had always been my weakness, so Beckett clearly got me, motorcycle and tattoos included.

I also liked how Nicole wrote in such a way that one can’t help but fall in love with the characters and the story as a whole. She had me sighing with pleasure in more ways than one! All in all, this had been a great romantic read!

ARC provided by Tule Publishing through Netgalley, thank you 🙂

Check out this book, Bride by Mistake on Tule Publishing website and on Nicole Helm’s blog.

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Nearer Than The Sky by T. Greenwood

Title: Nearer Than The Sky Author: T. Greenwood Paperback; 321 pages Publisher: Kensington

When Indie Brown was four years old, she was struck by lightning. In the oft-told version of the story, Indie’s life was heroically saved by her mother. But Indie’s own recollection of the event, while hazy, is very different. Most of Indie’s childhood memories are like this—tinged with vague, unsettling images and suspicions. Her mother, Judy, fussed over her pretty youngest daughter, Lily, as much as she ignored Indie. That neglect, coupled with the death of her beloved older brother, is the reason Indie now lives far away in rural Maine. It’s why her relationship with Lily is filled with tension, and why she dreads the thought of flying back to Arizona. But she has no choice. Judy is gravely ill, and Lily, struggling with a challenge of her own, needs her help. In Arizona, faced with Lily’s hysteria and their mother’s instability, Indie slowly begins to confront the truth about her half-remembered past and the legacy that still haunts her family. And as she revisits her childhood, with its nightmares and lost innocence, she finds she must reevaluate the choices of her adulthood—including her most precious relationships.

BookwormReviewIndie Brown may have just died when she was young, but her mother prevented that after she got struck by lightning. Since then, things were never the same again. Tried as she might to remember what happened, the only thing she see now is a different kind of treatment. Whatever Indie thought about her mother was changed when she came back to their childhood home, after learning about her mom’s grave illness. She couldn’t believe what she realized – her own mother might just have been the one causing harm to her own children, and it seemed that Lily, her sister was doing the same to her own kid. This is my first time to read a story about the mental disorder, Munchausen Syndrome. I haven’t ever heard about it even before I read this book. Now, I feel that I should research and know more about this sickness. This had been a heavy and emotional read, I didn’t know first how to react. As a mom to three kids, I could never, in a million years, think of doing harm to my own flesh and blood. But after reading this book about a mom suffering from a mental illness, I couldn’t help but cry and shake my head. But storywise, this had been a well-written one, full of compassion, hope, understanding and appreciation. T. Greenwood is a passionate and talented storyteller and I’d love to read more of her other books!

Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking

Title: Ice Kissed IceKissed
Series: Kanin Chronicles #2
Author: Amanda Hocking
ARC provided by Netgalley
published by St. Martin’s Press

Bryn Aven has always longed to be a part of the Kanin world.

Though she has no social status because she’s a half-breed, she refuses to give up on her dream of serving the kingdom she loves. It’s a dream that brings her to a whole new realm . . . the glittering palace of the Skojare.

The Skojare people need protection from the same brutal rival who’s been threatening the Kanin, and, being half Skojare herself, it’s a chance for Bryn to learn more about her heritage. Her boss Ridley Dresden is overseeing her mission and wants to help. He’s always been her most trusted friend—but as their undeniable attraction heats up, he becomes a distraction she can’t afford.

Brynn is about to discover that the Skojare world is full of secrets, and as she’s drawn in deeper and deeper, she doesn’t know who to trust. As she gets closer to Ridley, she realizes she may not even be able to trust her own heart.

BookwormReviewThis is one of those times when I had to read the second book first instead of Book 1. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a copy of the first book, but when Netgalley had this, luckily, my request to read this was accepted.

The concept of trolls is kind of new to me. (Honestly, I don’t remember reading a novel that’s got trolls in it. Or Maybe I have totally forgotten. Sorry, my memories fail me today).

Bryn Aven is  a part troll. In the Storvatten kingdom, she’s referred to as a half Skojare. She’s a tracker who has no troll abilities, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to be part of Kanin. The book starts with Bryn and Ridley reporting to the King about the possibility of Queen Linnea’s death, the recent escape of Konstantin Black and the involvement of Victor Dalig, the man who had tried to overthrow the Kanin King for as long as she remembers. A lot is Bryn’s mind, but what keeps her smiling is her friend Tilda’s upcoming wedding to Kaspar and the birth of their firstborn child.

Everything falls apart when Konstantin returns and one of her friends died. Everything Bryn previously believed seems to be untrue. And now it’s up to her to prove everyone that she isn’t the murderer they think she is.

Ice Kissed had me reading from sunset to sunrise! Bryn, Ridley, Konstantin and Kenet are such interesting characters. This world of trolls had me captivated. Amanda Hocking may just be my new favorite fantasy author!

Needless to say, I was hooked by the premise of this book as soon I first heard about the mystical realm that Amanda Hocking has created. That’s why I would love to read the first book in the series! And of course, I can’t wait to read what happens next to Bryn!

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The Fairy Tale Bride (Montana Born Bride Book 1)

Title: The Fairy Tale Bride FairytaleBride
Series: Montana Born Bride
Author: Scarlet Wilson
ebook provided by Netgalley
Published by Tule Publishing

Wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta…

Lisa Renee loves weddings. As owner of Marietta’s bridal salon, Lisa takes charge when a celebrity wedding rolls into town and does what she does best: hosting the fairy tale wedding her clients dream of. But the celebrity’s badly behaving bridesmaids shatter Lisa’s poise, excitement, and hopes of putting Marietta and her boutique on the map. The only place she can find peace is on the pediatric ward of the local hospital where she volunteers, a place that holds more meaning to her than anyone knows. Leave it to the handsome and charming new doctor to change all of that…

Dr. Adam Brady is enjoying his new job and anonymity at Marietta’s hospital, but he hasn’t been able to focus entirely since the gorgeous business owner and hard-working volunteer piqued his interest. As he spends more time with her, sparks fly, and he realizes that he’s not the only one in Marietta with secrets…

BookwormReviewIt always fascinates me to read about the lives of wonderful people of Marietta. I feel like it’s my second home. Reading about them always makes me smile. After the Montana Bachelor Auction Series which I have read and completed last March, I’m excited to start my May with a new series, this time, with the Montana Brides to be.

And so we start with the cute story of Lisa Renee, resident Marietta bridal shop owner and Adam Brady, a doctor from another state who moved to Montana for reasons only known to him.

Lisa & Adam – two people who found each other in the hospital: Lisa was a volunteer who help children and adults by reading them bedtime stories, most of which are fairy tales. Adam, on the other hand, was a doctor who cared a lot for his patients. Lisa had another day job -managing her bridal shop for every girl who believes in fairy tale. A bigshot Hollywood wedding was about to take place in Marietta and Lisa’s at her wit’s end because of some demanding and brat bridesmaids who couldn’t decide on what dress to wear. She found her piece of mind in the hospital and she had reasons why she continuously went there. And that intrigued Adam.

Dr. Adam Brady was mystery, too. And it all has to do with a lottery! Will the fairy tale bride finally find her happily ever after? Your guess is as good as mine.

A great start of a possible six-book series. As usual, this is a romantic love story that every contemporary reader would love. This is my first Scarlet Wilson book and this won’t definitely be the last.

Check out The Fairy Tale Bride on Amazon | and visit Scarlet Wilson’s books on her author website