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New Release! The LOOPBREAKER by Russ Thompson

🌟✨ ‘The Loop Breaker: A Beacon and the Darkness’ by Russ Thompson is a coming of age story filled with magic, heartbreak, and redemption with hints of supernatural mystery and suspense. ✨🌟
Young Lee Ann Daniels, while recovering from her grief at the loss of her mother, discovers she has a rare gift- the ability to see spirits and to help them cross over.

In her quest to help the souls on her family’s land who are trapped in a loop of events leading up to their deaths, Lee Ann discovers a tragic secret about her hometown of Laverne.

Will she be able to free the lost souls and herself from her own fear and despair?


Author Russ Thompson has a uniquely southern gothic style. Being born and raised in Memphis, TN, Thompson is well versed in the southern culture that he brings to life in his writing. During his college years, he cultivated a love for writers such as Kurt Vonnegut, William Faulkner, Shirley Jackson, Herman Hesse, Stephen King, and Neil Gaiman and went on to teach Science for fourteen years. In 2014, he published a collection of short stories, Tales from the Rim. It established Thompson’s voice as a southern Gothic storyteller.

Many of the stories were based on real Tennessee ghost stories in which Thompson takes the framework of a myth and fills in the details with masterful fiction. Shortly thereafter, he began to write articles for Click Magazine and became a beta reader for Winter Wolf Press. In the spring of 2018, Thompson finished his first novel, The Loop Breaker: A Beacon and the Darkness. Russ Thompson was signed as an author with Winterwolf Press and will soon publish his debut novel. After finishing a second collection of southern Gothic short stories, he will begin work on his second novel.

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