New Release! The LOOPBREAKER by Russ Thompson

🌟✨ 'The Loop Breaker: A Beacon and the Darkness' by Russ Thompson is a coming of age story filled with magic, heartbreak, and redemption with hints of supernatural mystery and suspense. ✨🌟Young Lee Ann Daniels, while recovering from her grief at the loss of her mother, discovers she has a rare gift- the ability to... Continue Reading →

New Release: Cock & Bull by Laura Barnard

Who knew that owning a pub would come with so many extras? When Phoebe and Ella Bellerose left England behind to run the Irish pub they’d inherited, it sounded like a great adventure… until they saw for themselves what a wreck they’d been left. With no experience, a severe lack of money, and a rival... Continue Reading →

Freebie: She Belongs To Me

FREE Romantic Suspense! She Belongs to Me (The Southern Collection Book 1) by Carmen DeSousa   When police detective Jordan Monroe finds his wife unconscious, clinging to life, he must uncover the mystery of her past before it comes back to claim them both in this tightly woven tale of love, possession, and secrets. A... Continue Reading →

ARC Sign-UP: The LoopBreaker

I've recently partnered up WinterWolf Press who is having a cover reveal for new author Russ Thompson's newest book, The Loop Breaker: A Beacon and the Darkness. There's an ARC Sign-Up, too! Let's help by pariticipating in this event. Please fill up this sign up form to let us know that you are interested!! Thank... Continue Reading →

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