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Irish Girls About Town

Title: Irish Girls About Town
Author: Various Female Irish Authors (Maeve Binchy, Cathy Kelly, Marian Keyes, et al..)
Paperback; 337 pages
Published February 2004

From Goodreads:

New York Times bestselling authors Maeve Binchy and Marian Keyes top an impressive roster of the Emerald Isle’s most popular women writers and prove that when it comes to spinning a good yarn, the Irish are the best in the business. Showcasing dazzling wit and remarkable insight in short stories that run the gamut from provocative to poignant, these Irish women will tug at your heartstrings and have you crying with laughter in no time.

In Maeve Binchy’s “Carissima,” a longtime ex-pat and free spirit returns to Ireland from Sicily and shakes things up for her family, who finds her life utterly scandalous. In “Soulmates,” by Marian Keyes, one woman’s relationship is so bleedin’ perfect in every way that it’s driving her friends up the wall. In Cathy Kelly’s “Thelma, Louise and the Lurve Gods,” two women on a madcap, Stateside road trip have completely opposite reactions to a pair of insanely good-looking men. In these stories, and throughout this fabulous collection, Ireland’s finest women authors celebrate the joys and perils of love, the adventure and constancy of female friendships, and their own irresistible brand of Irish charm.

This anthology of sorts is written by female Irish authors. It is a perfect read while getting sun-kissed on the beach or for a lazy afternoon nap. So far, I found most of the stories simple, cute and a little entertaining.

Well, there are some stories I liked quite a bit like De-Stress, The Twenty-Eighth Day, Thelma, Louise and the Lurve Gods, Carissima, and Girls’ Weekend. The rest were either so-so or the main characters were hard to root for.

However, I think I just don’t really enjoy short stories as much as I do a novel with 250 pages or more. You don’t have enough time to really connect with the characters and place yourself in their situations. I found myself yearning for more and then boom! I’d tell myself, “What? That’s it?” and then I’m left with a feeling that the stories weren’t really okay at all.

So far, I’d rate this book – 2 bookmarks for entertainment purposes 🙂

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