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Red Is an Attitude

Title: Red Is An Attitude

Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

Kindle Edition

Published April 2012 redattitude

Lydia “Red” Talbot continues her adventures with Mac, her late husband who has now been re-incarnated as a Great Dane puppy; Joe, the hot handyman and her new paramour; and the residents of her inherited trailer park and the Gold Country city of Nuggetville. She and Joe take a pet-friendly cruise to Mexico, bringing along Mac. A new mystery springs up onboard and Red becomes embroiled in solving it, but trouble follows her back to Nuggetville. Mac isn’t a ghost any longer, so a new spirit arrives to help Red through the most dangerous of her escapades.

As expected, Red had saved the day! Lydia “Red” Talbot was taken to a surprise cruise, courtesy of her chef-handyman-lover. There she met various characters, like Miss Barbie, who was after Sugar Daddy Henry’s money, who was also taken by surprise by her wife, Agatha. There are also new couples on board, Trevor and Elaine particularly, who was kind of a little aloof at the start, but turned into a helluva woman in the end.

During her adventure, Joe and Mac were always by her side. Mac, the Great Dane dog, was the reincarnation of Red’s dead husband. When trouble was brewing inside the ship, (a pitcher almost went down on her head, and she was almost thrown overboard), a new spirit appeared and warned Red. The Misfortunes, apparently followed her to Nuggetville, where her trailer park, The Springs was located. It seemed like wherever Red is, trouble is not far behind. Another attempt on her life may just be the reason for her to leave The Springs… Or is it?

I LOVED this sequel to Red Mojo Mama. It was hilarious, exciting and still full of mystery. It definitely made me think the whole night, who could be after Lydia again. The answer came as a surprise when I discovered who the real culprit was.

Another 5 ***** review for Miss Kathy Lynn Hall. Looking forward to reading more of Red soon! Please, write a third book already 🙂

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